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Team Events

In addition to practices and dryalnds, the team particpates in a variety of activies. Here is a list of events the team participates in every year


At the beginning of the fall semester, the team hosts intersquad at the university rec center. This small meet is just for CU Swim and Dive: freshman and juniors vs sophomores and seniors vs alumni. In addition to relays, we compete against each other in the 50s stroke and 100 IM. Alumnis are welcome at this meet, and it's a great way for everyone to get back into shape. Intersquad is occasionally hosted in the spring as well.

Swim Meets

The team travels around Colorado for several away meets throughout each semester. These meets are hosted by Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado and Colorado College. Other college club swim teams compete at these invites and atheletes can qualify for nationals here. For transportation, the team carpools and drives to meets together. There are generally two to three away meets per semester, in addition to our Buff Invites. All meets are optional and included within the dues payment each semester.

The Colorado College Classic is a D2 comeptitive prelims/finals meet that takes place in late January at the Schlessman Natatorium. The team carpools to Colorado Springs and spends two days competing against other D2 schools, such as Western State, Adams State, and Mesa University. This gives our athletes the unique opporunity to race against other professional swimmers.


To help finance these events, the team partakes in several fundraising events, primarily football ticket scanning. This is a great way for our athletes to get involved, and the funds we earn directly help to pay off athlete's expenses for training trip. There are generally three to four games in the fall semester that our team can ticket scan for. In addition to ticket scanning, the team hosts several other minor fundraisers. The swim clinic in the spring is offered to help teach younger swimmers in the Boulder area. None of our fundraising is required, however it is highly encouraged.

Rocky Mountain Invitational

The annual Rocky Mountain Invite is our biggest meet for fall semester. The meet is hosted in November by the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. The team travels out via van and spends two days competing against other club teams from Arizona, Utah, Nebraska and Colorado. The cost of this meet is included in team dues, so it is encouraged for everyone to go and race their hardest. Some of our top times and best races have come from this meet.

Training Trip

Every winter break, the team travels out somehwere tropical for an intense week of swimming. Historically, we have visited Florida and Southern California. This trip is designed to keep everyone in shape during break and features some of the most intense practices of the whole year. In addition to practicing on this trip, the team spends time going to the beach, shopping, sightseeing and going out to eat. This trip is not included under team dues, so it is recommended everyone who attends the trip partakes in ticket scanning to fundraise.

Buff Invitational

Throughout the year, the team hosts two buff invitationals. The first is in the fall semester at the university rec center. The second is in the fall semester and is hosted at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in the spring. This two day meet is prelims/finals and is considered our last chance meet to qualify for nationals. Teams from all across Colorado and neighboring states come to compete for both meets.

College Club Swimming Nationals

Nationals is our final meet of the year. This is the only qualifiying meet, and our atheletes spend all year racing to qualify for as many times as possible. The times are availble on the home page. Historically, nationals has been hosted in state of the art facilities at Ohio State and Greesnboro. In 2022, nationals will be hosted at Georgia Tech in the olympic pool. After nationals the team hosts an end of the year banquet to say goodbye to seniors and vote on the next years board members.